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For performance, quality, ease of use and control, nothing works harder than HART’s 20V power tools. Compact and lightweight, our 20V tools are designed for user comfort. The 20V battery compatibility allows you to use all your tools with one battery and cordless power lets you work safer and more freely. So you can work almost anywhere—in the home, the workshop, the garage, out in the yard or on-the-go. When it comes to DIY, HART powers your projects and your lifestyle. 

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HART Power Tools Features

Premium Features

Premium Features

Our lineup of 20V tools come with premium features like a 2-speed gearbox, 24-position clutch and more to get the job done faster and easier.



More than just tools, we offer a variety of 20V products that power your lifestyle like radios, fans, inflators and more.

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  1. 20V 1/4" Ratchet

    20V 1/4" Ratchet

    • Tool Only
  2. 20V RC Truck Kit

    20V RC Truck Kit

  3. 20V 3/8 in. Crown Stapler

    20V 3/8 in. Crown Stapler

    • Tool Only
  4. 20V 6-Tool Combo Kit

    20V 6-Tool Combo Kit

  5. 20V RC Truck

    20V RC Truck

    • Tool Only
  6. 20V Cordless Hand Vacuum

    20V Cordless Hand Vacuum

  7. 20V 3/8" Ratchet

    20V 3/8" Ratchet

    • Tool Only
  8. 20V Cordless Stick Vacuum w/ Brushless Motor Technology

    20V Cordless Stick Vacuum w/ Brushless Motor Technology

    • Tool Only
  9. 20V High Volume Inflator/Deflator

    20V High Volume Inflator/Deflator

    • Tool Only
  10. 20V 4" Clamp Fan

    20V 4" Clamp Fan

    • Tool Only
  11. 20V 2 Gallon Compressor Kit

    20V 2 Gallon Compressor Kit

  12. 20V 40W Soldering Iron

    20V 40W Soldering Iron

    • Tool Only
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