Cleaning & Polishing Set


The HART Cleaning & Polishing Set is the perfect tool for all your needs when working with plastic, wood, ceramic, glass, and metal materials. With a max RPM of 35,000, this set is sure to make quick work of any project you have. This set can fit HART mini customizable cases inside and HART customizable bit bars. This 20-piece set is perfect for your next cleaning & polishing project! This set includes (1) ¾” Nylon Brush, (1) 1/2” Nylon Brush, (1) Polishing Paste, (1) 3/8” Felt Cone, (2) 7/8” Impregnated Disc, (1) ¾” Carbon Steel Brush, (1) 1/8... Show More

Cleaning & Polishing Set

Product Description



What's in the box?

  • 1/2” Nylon Brush
  • (1) 1/8” Standard Mandrel
  • (1) 1/8” Tapered Screw Mandrel
  • (1) ½” Cylinder Polishing Wheel
  • (3) 1” Felt Polishing Wheels
  • (6) ½” Felt Polishing Wheels
  • 1/8” Nylon Brush
  • (1) ¾” Carbon Steel Brush
  • 7/8” Impregnated Disc
  • 3/8” Felt Cone
  • (1) Polishing Paste
  • (1) ¾” Nylon Brush

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