31 PC. Impact Drive Bit Set w/ Magnetic Sleeve


There are some things you just can’t have too many of—and one of them is driver bits. HART’s 31-Piece Impact Drive Bit Set ensures you’ll have the right bit for the job. Inside a sturdy storage case, you’ll find the most commonly used fastener types. There is also a magnetic bit holder with magnetic sleeve included in the case. The magnetic sleeve is a great addition to your tool bag. Dropping fasteners can be so frustrating, right? HART offers a new magnetic sleeve that holds your fastener securely and alleviates the worrying of all your dropp... Show More

31 PC. Impact Drive Bit Set w/ Magnetic Sleeve

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What's in the box?

  • Drive Bits
    (1) 1" PH1, (3) 1" PH2, (1) 1" PH3, (1) 1" SQ1, (2) 1" SQ2, (1) 1" SQ3, (1) 1" T15, (2) 1" T20, (3) 1" T25, (1) 2" PH1, (3) 2" PH2, (1) 2" PH3, (2) 2" SQ2, (1) 2" T20 (2) 2" T25, (1) 3-1/2" PH2
  • Specialty Drive Bits
    (1) 3/16", (1) 1/4", (1) 5/16" Nut Drivers, (1) Impact Rated Magnetic Bit Holder, (1) Magnetic Sleeve

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