How-To Projects | February 3, 2022

You Know the Drill: 5 Hacks You Need to Drill-It-Yourself

You might know your way around your favorite drill when it comes to tackling DIYs, but did you know your drill can do a lot more? From keeping your kitchen clean to attaching those pesky eye hooks, HART Ambassador Mariah of @rusticrosehomestead shows us 5 DIY hacks a cordless drill can help with. Your handy-dandy drill just got a BIT more useful! 

How to Remove a Stripped Screw

Have you ever needed to remove a screw but noticed the head of the screw was stripped? If the screw is not entirely sunk into your material, you can easily remove it using your drill! 

Open the chuck of the drill and place it over the head of the screw, then tighten to secure. Set the drill to reverse, and let your drill do the work. Your drill will unscrew the stripped screw from the material with ease. 

How to Drill the same Depth with Accurate Measurements

When drilling a hole, you can use your drill and painter's tape to get accurate and precise depth measurements. Start by measuring the length of the dowel on the bit and mark it with a piece of tape. Now you know exactly how far to drill each time! You never want to drill too far or not far enough.

Power Clean Your Home

Did you know you could use your drill to power clean your home? Most sink stains come out using a brush or rag with your everyday cleaning supplies, but you can bring out the big guns when it comes to tough stains. These multi-purpose drill attachments and your drill can easily get those tough stains out. This hack allows you to deep clean all kinds of hard-to-reach areas of your home, your car, and so much more.

Screw a Hook Screw

Screwing in a hook can be painful and hard to do sometimes, even if you do pre-drill your hole. Use your drill to screw in a hook with ease, pain-free! 

Grab an eye hook as well as your screw hook. Open your drill's chuck, place the eye hook into the drill, and then tighten to secure. Place the end of the hook screw into your pre-drilled hole and screw in until you feel the threads start to catch. Interconnect the eye hook from the drill and the screw hook from the wall, and pull the trigger slowly. Your drill will then drill the hook screw into the wall. 

Unscrew/Screw in Eye Hooks

Screwing and unscrewing eye hooks are the worst. It's a common conception that you have to do this by hand, but you can use your drill to screw and unscrew eye hooks quickly. Put the long end of an allen wrench into the chuck of your drill, then tighten to secure. Use the hook end to spin the eye hook in and out. When screwing the eye hook in, be sure to pre-drill your hole so that the screw is guided correctly.

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