How-To Projects | October 15, 2020

Spooky & Chic: DIY Wooden Pumpkin Cutouts

No pressure in the pumpkin patch to find your perfect decor – this simple DIY lets you customize the size of your pumpkin and blends in seamlessly with everything you’ve already got in the works for your fall front porch. Big or small – one, two, or a few of these DIY pumpkins helps create an easy, understated porchscape. Appealing to the eye, simple, and economical? We’re in.



Cut down your 1x4 board using the Lumber & Sheet Cut Layout Guide. You need (6) 10” pieces with 45-degree angles on each end for the pumpkin face and (2) 8” pieces for backing.
Take (2) of the 10” boards and align the angled cuts to create a “V” shape. Do the same with the remaining boards stacking them above the first two to create a chevron pattern. Use a light coat of wood glue to secure the pieces.

Place your template on the backside of the chevron pattern and lightly trace around the template. Align the two 8” backer boards inside the tracing and attach them with wood screws.
Flip over your wood assembly, realign the pumpkin pattern, and trace the pattern again. 

Clamp the assembly to a supported surface and use a jigsaw to cut along the pumpkin outline.
Sand and smooth all of your cut edges and paint or stain as you’d like. For a finishing touch, add a stem to the top of your pumpkin using materials you have laying around like scrap wood, a wine bottle cork, a wooden dowel, or a small tree branch.


Project complete! Find a home for your wood pumpkin surrounded by colorful mums and these DIY Jack-O-Lantern porch lights for an understated porchscape this fall.
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