How-To Projects | February 9, 2022

Home Gym DIYs: Fitness Equipment Shelf

Sometimes, the first step to a healthier life is just a more organized life! This DIY fitness equipment shelf from our friend Benjamin Wright (@virginiahomeimprovements) has enough space for all your workout gear and then some. Store your sneakers, free weights, kettlebells, bands, straps, blocks, and more with this versatile design. Don't shelve your plans for a healthier lifestyle–build more shelves for your healthier lifestyle (sorry, we couldn't help ourselves 😉).

Get started on your own DIY fitness equipment shelf with the help of our step-by-step instructions below.



(2) 1" x 10" x 8' Boards:
Cut one board into (3) 21" pieces (shelves)
Cut the remaining board into (2) 33" pieces (left and right sides)
(4) 1" x 2" x 4' Boards:
Cut into (6) 21" pieces (front and back shelf stretchers)


Step 1

Measure, mark, and cut all necessary pieces following the Lumber Cut List.

Step 2

Assemble the front and back stretchers to all 3 shelves. Make sure there is a 1/4" lip on the front of each shelf; this is so your dumbbells will stay in place.

Step 3

Screw all three shelves in between the two side walls. There needs to be an 8" gap in between each shelf, and each shelf should be angled at 25-degrees.

Step 4

Sand all of your surfaces, then paint the shelf your desired color (or leave it natural).

Download the project plans and build your own DIY fitness equipment shelf for your home gym. If you do build one, post your project pictures on Instagram and tag us at #DoItWithHART.

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