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How-To Projects | May 1, 2022

Get The Designer Look for Less: 6 DIY Dupes From HART Ambassadors

Love high-end store items, but not the high-end prices? That’s why we’re all about dupes and we’ve got some great ones to share. We teamed up with our HART Ambassadors to bring you 6 DIY Dupes that we think are better than their inspiration pieces. Plus, they’re far more affordable. Sound good? We thought so.

End Table @magnolias.modern.mama

If you could, you’d buy every single thing in your favorite designer store catalog. Luckily, ingenious DIYers like HART Ambassador @magnolias.modern.mama created the next best thing. If you’re ready to level-up your DIY skills (and you have a free weekend), this beautiful End Table project is sooo worth it.

Sunburst Mirror @mrsdiy_

Been swooning over a mirror you saw online for some time now? But $499 (or more) for one mirror? Not happening! Instead, check out this DIY Sunburst Mirror from HART Ambassador @mrsdiy_. This stunner can be made on the cheap. Plus, it’s simple to be build, so you’ll be done in a matter of hours. Ready to give it a go?

Toddler Bed @southernyankeediy

 Super cute, super expensive. This Montessori-style toddler bed (from an unnamed designer store) will set you back a few hundred dollars (plus tax and shipping). No, thank you. If you can build it yourself, go for it. And thanks to HART Ambassador @southernyankeediy you can for under $100. This house-shaped bed is not only a cozy sleeping area for your little one, but also doubles as a fun play area. And with the money you’ll save, you can spend it on fun accessories like tents, shining lights or whatever else you think your kiddo will like.

Textured Vase @stripped.and.styled

Duped again! A fabulous vase like this one can easily retail for over $100 in one of those fancy stores. HART Ambassador @stripped.and.styled shows you how to create your very own for the cost of thrift store glassware and glass gems. This DIY Textured Vase project is super easy and fun to make. Plus, you’ll spend about $5, so that’s a win in our books.

Laundry Rack @virginiahomeimprovements

A designer laundry rack like can set you back a pretty penny. If you’ve got a decent scrap wood pile, you can build yours for next to nothing, thanks to this DIY Laundry Rack from @virginiahomeimprovements. Check it out. Don’t you just love how little space this rack takes up when folded away, not to mention how stylish it looks? This is definitely a must-have for any laundry room.

Buffet Table

Who has thousands of dollars to drop on a single piece of furniture? Most people don’t. But with a few hours of sanding, priming, painting and drilling, you can turn a thrifted piece of furniture into a chic, $2000 buffet table. This DIY Buffet Table from HART Ambassador @sarahflipsit shows you how in 12 easy steps. When scouring thrift stores, garage sales or online, be sure to look for old furniture with good bones. (Sarah bought her table online for $20.) Once you’re done, we know you’ll be absolutely smitten with the results.

If you love the look of high end, but not the price, dupe it with HART. If you do build one, post your project pictures on Instagram and tag us at #DoItWithHART.

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