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How-To Projects | April 27, 2021

For The Mom Who Loves Wine: DIY Wine Stand

If the mom in your life enjoys sitting outside with a glass of wine to unwind from the day, surprise her with this DIY wine table for Mother's Day.

Finding a level surface to sit your wine glass and bottle can be tricky, especially with pets or kids running around. This DIY wine table provides a level surface on your porch, patio, or lawn, and it holds two wine glasses and a bottle, so mom's vino is easy to access and safe from spills.

In this blog, we've got the project plans, including materials, tools, cut list, and assembly instructions—everything you need to have a great grilling experience. Watch how we did it and download our step-by-step project plans to build this handmade gift that mom will use over and over again.



  • (1) - 2" x 2" x 24" Board*
  • (1) - 1" x 2" x 6' Board*
  • (1) - 1"x 10" x 18" Board*
  • (2) - 1/4"-20 x 12.5 mm Insert Nuts
  • (2) - 1/4"-20 x 30 mm Connecting Bolts
  • (1 box) - 1-1/2" x 18- Gauge Collated Nails
  • (1 box) - #8 x 1-1/4" Square Drive Round Head Pocket-Hole Wood Screws 
  • Sandpaper: 150g, 220g & 320g
  • Drill Bits: 1/4" & 3/8"


Miter Saw or Circular SawDrill/DriverJigsaw, HammerOrbital SanderTape MeasureMetric Hex KeysScissorsDrill Bits#2 Square Driving Bit, and Safety Glasses. Also Need: Brad Nailer (optional), Clamps, Pocket Hole Jig.


Cut down your boards following the lumber cut list in the project plans. You should have:

  • (1) - 2x2 board cut to 24" for the main leg
  • (2) - 1x2 boards cut to 21-1/2" (LD) for the pivoting legs
  • (1) - 1x2 board cut to 16" for the stand's foot

Use your miter saw to cut a 5° angle (going in the same direction) on both ends of the 2" x 2" x 24" board (make these cuts without shortening the overall length of the board). Then, measure and mark a point 4-1/2" from one long end and drill a 3/8" hole through the board.

Next, follow the diagram in Step 3 of the project plans to mark the cuts for the two (2) 1" x 2" x 21-1/2" boards. Clamp the boards to a stable surface, then use a jigsaw to make the cuts. 

Finally, take the 1" x 10" x 18" board and measure 4" from one of the short edges. Use your circular saw to cut off this piece. Now take this piece and measure, mark, and cut off 2-1/2" in from the short edge. Set the board on its 4" side and cut a 5° angle without shortening the overall length. Place the 4" piece in the pocket hole jig and make two pocket holes (refer to Step 7 of the project plans for detailed diagrams).


Print the template in the project plans scaled to 154%—it will fit on an 11" x 17" sheet of paper. Trace the tabletop pattern onto your remaining 1x10 board and use a jigsaw to cut out the oval top. 

PRO-TIP: Drill a 3/8" hole in the middle circle to create a starting point for your jigsaw blade.


Take the 1" x 2" x 16" board and mark the centerline at 8". Then mark a line 3/16" on both sides of the centerline. This line will be for the inside edges of the (2) pivoting legs. 

Attach the (2) pivoting legs to the 16" board by gluing and nailing them from the bottom. Hammer the (2) insert nuts into the main support.

On the underside of the top piece, mark a line at 3/4" from the back edge. Cut out a square to insert your main support leg (refer to Step 13 of the project plans for detailed diagrams). Apply a small amount of glue in the cut area and place the main support leg onto the glued area facing outward on the 5° angle. Make sure the two inserts are also down.

Secure the tabletop to the stand using a brad nailer or hammer and 1-1/2" nails through the top into the main support leg. Now, place the main leg in between the pivoting legs and align the holes. Secure the legs with connecting bolts. Tighten the bolts to your liking with a #4 hex key. Tighten the connecting bolts just enough to allow the pivot legs to swing and stand independently. 

Swing legs outward until the tabletop is level. Place the bottle support block on the pivot leg notches with the long side of the 5° cut facing down. Mark a line at this location. Lay the stand down and loosen the bolts to allow the pivot legs to swing flat. Put a small amount of glue on the support block and secure it where you made the mark. Attach it using two (2) 1-1/4" pocket hole screws (the pocket holes should face downward).


Your assembly is complete! Sand all surfaces smooth and finish the stand using your favorite paint or stain. 
Complete this DIY gift with your mom's favorite bottle of wine and a set of new wine glasses. Backyard bliss, achieved.
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