How-To Projects | August 11, 2021

6 Back To School Projects That Won't Blow Your Budget

*Back to school, to prove to Mama I can use my tools* This year, we’ve teamed up with some HART ambassadors to whip up 6 DIY projects that can make the transition from summer fun to ruling the school a little easier. Grab your number 2 pencils, a ruler and your marble notebook — DIY School is now in session!


Gone are the days of a lone alarm clock. Now, your nightstand is home to your phone, watch, headphones, and a tablet — all requiring a full charge to power your day. Get all your devices ready to roll in one place with this easy DIY Charging Station from Crystal (@crystalkirby_diyhome). Download the plans below. 


Notes from the kids’ teachers? School field trip permission slips? Family schedule? Keep them all organized and top of mind with this handy Family Bulletin Board from Libby (@burnsfamilyacres). This simple (and sentimental) DIY might be just what you need to keep your family’s calendar and communication on point! Download the plans below.


School supplies are like socks — they always seem to get eaten by the house, despite your best efforts. Laura (@knapptime_crafts) and Fena (@ourhighlandshome) created these fun Pegboard Organizers to help keep your brand new school supplies safe and sound — and readily available. Download the plans for each project below.


Backpacks, jackets and shoes, oh my! It’s tempting to feel like your house is being overrun with clutter once the back-to-school shuffle really gets going. Luckily, teachers figured out this solution years ago — and @ashtonsedita has brought it to life. This easy DIY peg rack will give everything a home, and it doubles as a lesson in responsibility for the kids. Try giving them each an assigned peg or space for their things. Mary Poppins would be pretty darn pleased.  Download the plans below.


Sometimes, getting kids to do their homework is about finding the right spot for them. Some work best at the kitchen table, while others need a dedicated space that’s theirs alone. Lia (@southernyankeeDIY) has a solution — create a designated Reading Nook, complete with a DIY Desk and Chair. Bonus: it doubles as a hiding spot when you need a few minutes alone to read, answer emails or just take a moment for yourself! Download the plans for each project below.

No matter which DIY project you pick to get ready to go back to school, make sure you #DoItWithHART. Post your pictures and tag us! 

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