How-To Projects | July 2, 2021

5 DIYs To Make Your Backyard The Summer Hangout Spot

Hot sunny days and long summer nights call for some serious backyard entertaining. These five outdoor DIY projects will make your backyard THE place to be. From rolling grill carts to charming buffet tables, our list has something for every skill level. 

DIY Rolling Grill Cart

If you’re looking for something mobile (and multi-functional), this custom Grill Cart with wheels is perfect. It can be moved right beside your grill for much needed counter space to prep ingredients. It also has two drawers to help keep grill accessories neatly stowed, a deep bottom shelf for storage and lots of hooks to hang utensils. We know you’ll enjoy this beautiful cart for many years to come. Read this blog to see how we built it and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own.

DIY Silverware Caddy

Replace plastic utensils (and paper napkins) with reusable silverware and cloth napkins with this vintage-inspired DIY Caddy Holder. It makes the perfect BBQ accessory and holds everything you need for outdoor dining. Plus, it’s multi-functional—use it to keep easy-to-lose items (like corn cob holders or toothpicks) or to hold your favorite 6-pack of wine coolers. It even has a bottle opener on the side. Check out this blog for all the details on how to build your own, including project plans, tips and more.

DIY Beer Caddy

When a hot summer day calls for a beer (or three), we’ve got the answer: This DIY Beer Caddy, created by Daniel of @Danigodwin. It holds your favorite 6-pack of beer or whatever beverage your prefer. Just add a couple of friends, the shade of a big old tree and an occasional breeze—and it doesn’t get better than that.

DIY Buffet Table

*Serve yourself* just got easier (and more stylish) with this charming DIY Outdoor Buffet Table created by our friend, Kelly of @RootedInLove.Design. Position your buffet under an overhang to protect it from the elements and set yourself (and your guests) up with anything you’ll need: Plates, sides, buns, meats, fixings and flatware. Then, relax and enjoy!

DIY Wine Table

Drinking a glass of wine outdoors is tricky if you don’t have a flat, stable surface to put your glasses (and bottle) on. That’s why we love this simple wine table and we think you will too. It holds two wine glasses and a bottle—and it’s so easy to make, we recommend making a few. (We promise you’ll use them.) Then, before the party starts, set them out. You and your guests can tote them around the yard, from the lounge chair to the hammock to just about anywhere without worrying about spilling or glasses breaking. Read this blog to see how we did it and follow the step-by-step instructions to make your own.

We can’t wait to see what you build. Be sure to post your pics and tag #DoItWithHART.

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