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How-To Projects | July 19, 2021

4 DIY Projects to Create Your Own Dream Gym At Home

Enjoy working out, but hate the drive to the gym? We know it’s easy to lose motivation that way, so a home gym or workout space sounds like the solution to keep your fitness journey on track. We teamed up with some HART ambassadors to create four projects you can create to stay in shape this season. 

French Cleat Wall

Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be made up of high-intensity workouts to warrant a home gym. For the aerobics enthusiasts, yogis, or maybe something light in between, Kristen of @loweryhousetohome has created a French Cleat Wall. Water bottles? Check. Yoga mat? Accounted for. Towels and cow bells? Yeah, there’s a space for those too. Download the plans below.

Pegboard Organizer

You don’t need to have a spare room to justify a home gym. What you do need is a corner big enough to complete the workout that is going to keep you progressing on your fitness journey. Nicole at @Hillhousediaries knew what she was doing when she created this Pegboard Organizer. Sleek enough to mount to a wall without taking up much space, but just spacious enough to house all your equipment essentials. Download the plans below.

Equipment Organizer

We’ve all been there. You’ve got your main piece of fitness equipment, but what do you do with all the pieces that go with it? Bulky bins are an eyesore, but so are gym accessories all over the ground. Mariah of the @thehomebodyhomestead created the perfect Equipment Organizer you can DIY and attach directly to the wall. Give those bands, gloves and anything else a home so they don’t clutter yours. Download the plans below.

Workout Room

Feel more at home in the weight room than you do at the workbench? We get it. Luckily for you, Kayla of @itshoneydone has created the easiest home gym assembly tips to elevate your space just enough to have the perfect workout. Mount your TV and grab a couple of 20V tools and we promise you’ll be excited for your next workout. Download the plans below.

We can’t wait to see which project you picked to complete your own home gym! Don’t forget to post pictures of your project and tag #DoItWithHART. 

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