HART x The Fords | November 5, 2020

‘Tis The Season for Scandinavian DIYs

With spooky season laid to rest, it's time to cozy up for the holidays! Leanne and Steve are decking the halls this year with three Scandinavian-inspired DIY projects that offer a different take on a holiday-decoration classic. Scroll down to check them out & download the plans to build each yourself.
Happy Holidays!


Real tree versus fake tree...which side are you on? We say, "why choose when you can have both?" Leanne & Steve celebrate those lovely branches with their Scandinavian Wooden Tree project. It's modern, it's versatile, it's immortal (seriously... it's made entirely out of wood and will survive years of holiday celebrations to come.) You can build this tree as tall or short as you would like and can completely customize the branches' position and arrangement.


"Scrappy Holidays" has a nice ring to it, don't you think? This entire project is made from just two materials: scrap firewood and copper couplings. The finished project, though, is anything but scrappy. With Leanne & Steve's Scandinavian inspiration carrying through, these natural, rustic candle holders will wow your dinner guests, even if it's just you for dinner.


When it comes to dressing up your tree, it's not just about the ornaments. The base of a tree is just as crucial as its branches. Keeping that in mind, Leanne & Steve take the traditional tree skirt to the next level with their Scandinavian Tree Box. Wide enough to fit your typical tree stand so your tree stays stable and hydrated, but deep enough to keep the stand out of sight. Best of all, it's multi-functional! When the holidays come to an end, attach a wooden top on the box with hinges, and you've got a coffee table with storage!
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