HART x Steve Ford | January 4, 2022

Give Old Spaces New Life With Steve Ford

Maybe it's the junk closet that needs a refresh. Maybe your bonus room is really just bonus junk at this point. Perhaps you're ready to take back that extra bedroom from all the boxes and make it a home office. Whatever the project, figure out which space you're going to tackle — and decide what you want it to become. Print inspiration photos or build a mood board on Pinterest to get your creative juices flowing and get you excited to tackle the space.

Follow along as Steve renovates an old hen house turned catch-all storage shed. With just a few HART tools and a keen eye, Steve transforms this decrepit shed into a pottery studio from a ceramicist's dreams.

Clean It Out

Before you can transform a space, you have to get rid of whatever's in it. As you clean, sort things into three piles: toss, donate/sell and keep. If you have enough in the donate/sell pile, you could host a yard sale or use community groups like Facebook Marketplace to rehome your old things. Redistribute your keep items throughout your house, or set them aside if they'll work in the room's new role. Toss anything that doesn't make the cut for either of those two piles!

Clean It up

Next up, it's time to give the space a deep clean. Grab your favorite HART vacuum to clean up dust, dirt, cobwebs, and more. If you're outside or in a cement space, consider using a HART pressure washer to tackle tough grime. A sparkling cleanroom is a much easier canvas — now you can really see what you're working with!


Now that you've got your space spic and span, it's time to take it to the next level! Maybe you'll transform that old junk closet into a dream room for your dog. Add shelves and a desk to your spare bedroom and design your own home office. Turn your bonus room into the kids' dream playroom with a chalkboard wall and fold-out crafts table. The possibilities are endless! Whatever you decide to do, our HART tools can power all of your projects.

Show It Off

Once you have your new space exactly how you envisioned it, it's time to show it off! Post before and after pictures and tag us with #DoItWithHART so we can see all your transformations. What's your cleaning transformation project? We can't wait to see it.
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