HART x Steve Ford | January 4, 2022

Build a Garden Box for Mom with Steve Ford

The weather is finally starting to turn, and it's time to start preparing the garden. Whether your mom is an avid home gardener or just getting started, these DIY garden boxes make the perfect easy and inexpensive gift for Mother's Day.

Steve Ford built these garden boxes for his sister's side yard, elevating the space outside of her kitchen into a beautiful place to grow herbs and vegetables to enjoy throughout the summer and fall.

Keep scrolling to read the step-by-step instructions and download the project plans to build your own.




Download the Garden Box Plans


Start by clearing your outdoor space to make room for the garden boxes. Evaluate your area to determine what size box you want to build. Rectangle or square, small or big—these garden boxes are customizable to fit your space and preferences.

Before deciding where to put your garden box, think about what you want to plant. Some plants need full sun, some need shade, and some require a combination of both. You may also want to consider the nearest water source—you don't want your brand-new plants to dry out too quickly!


The beauty of these garden boxes is that they're easy to build using basic tools and easy-to-find materials.

Materials Needed:

  • 2" x 10" boards (quantity depends on the number of boxes you want to build)
  • Steel stakes
  • Wood/deck screws
  • Exterior paint or stain (if desired)
  • Soil to backfill the completed frames
  • Seeds or starter plants

PRO-TIP: You only need one (1) 8ft. 2x10 board to make a 24" x 21" garden box. If you want larger boxes, you'll need more 2x10 boards.


Cut down your boards to your desired length and width. Each box will need four pieces. Two long pieces cut to equal lengths and two short pieces cut to equal lengths.

Layout the cut boards to form a square (or rectangle). The shorter pieces should be on the inside of the box. 

Use a 1/8" drill bit and a drill or impact driver to pre-drill three (3) holes into the left and right sides of the longer boards. Then use your 3" deck screws to fasten the longer boards to the shorter boards.

Once all four sides are connected, use exterior paint or stain to finish the frame in the color of your choice. If you prefer the look of natural wood, use a clear wood sealer to help protect the garden box from weathering. Let your stain or paint fully dry before moving on.


Place the completed garden box frame in your yard and use a level to ensure the structure is as straight as possible. Once the box is level, use a hammer to drive steel stakes into each of the four inside corners—this will help your garden box stay secure as you fill it with soil and plants.

For extra stability, use 1-1/2" deck screws and drill through the stakes to fasten them to the wood frame.

Line the bottom of your garden box with landscape fabric to help prevent weeds from growing into your garden. Fill with a nutrient-dense mix of soil and compost that suits your plants.


Fill your garden box with your mom's favorite flowers, vegetables, herbs, or fruits and watch them grow.

Will you build these garden boxes and surprise mom with them on Mother's Day? Or will you team up with mom and build them together? Either way, she's sure to love the thoughtful gift that will bring continuous joy throughout the year!

 We can't wait to see your versions—tag pictures of your DIY garden box with #DoItWithHART.


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