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Get Inspired | January 20, 2021

Why We're Taking Back the Junk Drawer

We don’t subscribe to “new year, new you” — just new year, new projects to tackle. And since we’re all still at home, why not tackle that junk drawer (or drawers, we won’t judge) you’ve been meaning to clean out forever?

Instead of eliminating your junk drawer totally––because trust us, we could never get rid of our junk drawers either — try equipping your drawer to best suit your needs. That might mean organizing it a little better or consolidating all your most helpful house tools into one place. And maybe start calling it a “utility drawer” instead of a junk drawer (you know, the power of positivity and perception and all that). Maybe your first DIY this year could be custom drawer organizers — the possibilities are endless!

To help you get started, here are 7 tools that are actually useful to keep in your junk utility drawer.


With a built-in bottle opener, package opener, AND Philip’s head screwdriver bit, this handy tool will take care of nearly any situation that has you saying, “Where the !$#^& did I put that!?” Keep this stainless steel beauty front and center of your utility drawer so you’ll never be caught trying to rip packages open with your dull car key tip again.


A good pair of scissors is essential to any utility drawer. Good scissors can spare lots of unnecessary frustration, from snipping stray tags to cutting packaging for the kids’ new toys. These stainless steel scissors are designed to cut through thicker materials with ease, so bring on the silk flower arrangements, thick fabric, and that plastic they put around toys that seem designed to drive you crazy.


Ever need to label something and, at the same time, seem to have lost all your writing instruments? Yeah, we’ve been there, too. Enter Permanent Workshop Markers. These versatile markers are perfect for hanging pictures, marking off measurements, and labeling everything. They mark materials like wood, metal, and concrete and can write on dusty, wet, or oily surfaces. And bonus: they come in silver and gold for opaque materials (and extra pizzazz). Keep them in your utility drawer for handy access.


If you’re anything like us, you can’t start any project without measuring it out first. Keep a tape measure in your utility drawer, so you’re ready for anything — a surprise honey-do list, hanging the new picture frames you got for the holidays, or even tracking the kids’ growth over the past year. Measurement of emotional growth is not included.


You can never have too many screwdrivers (and no, we don’t mean the cocktail). And our versatile 6-in-1 Screwdriver is the perfect addition to any utility drawer. The double-ended shank lets you easily switch between bits, while the large, comfort-grip handle gives you increased control and 50% more torque. Now, if you could just find a screwdriver that knew how to make screwdrivers…


There has never been a project that hasn’t been made easier with Hex Keys (and we’ll stand by that). Throw our 8-piece folding Hex Key in your utility drawer for quick access, no matter what you’re tackling. Loose table leg? Hex Key. Putting together a new bookshelf? Hex Key. Replacing the batteries in the smoke detector? 6-in-1 Screwdriver — but our Hex Key was there for moral support. Plus, our folding hex keys rotate up to 2700 for better torque and easier access to tighter spaces, so you can work smarter, not harder.


If you frequently do electrical work or use wires in your DIY projects, throw these Wire Strippers in your utility drawer. With a locking mechanism to give you easy, one-handed use and integrated holes to help you bend and loop wire, these will quickly become your go-tos for any wire-related projects. DIY electric work, not your thing? These wire strippers are so easy to use, it might just become your new thing.

Whatever you choose to put in your utility drawer, this is the year to reclaim that shameful junk drawer and turn it into the Mary Poppins bag of drawers.

What essentials do you have to have in your utility drawer? We’d love to see — share them and tag us @harttools on Instagram!

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