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Top Selections For the Best Cordless Tools You Need and Why

Whether you are a homeowner with a few repair tasks, or an automotive enthusiast fixing up an antique car, the right tools will make any job easier. Cordless power tools come with a wide range of benefits, such as portability, storage, and ease of operation. The best cordless tools are those that perform well and are accessible to the handyman, DIYer or hobbyist. We carry several affordable, but high-quality cordless options for your needs in and around the house.


Best Cordless Tools For Garage Use

For auto repair and tasks around the garage, cordless power tools offer significant advantages. Primarily, cordless tools make it easier to maneuver around your car or wherever your work environment may be. Invest in these top tools to equip your garage:



Discovering a leaky or flat tire while traveling down the road usually means trouble, but with a portable cordless inflator you can avoid catastrophe. An inflator can be used to bring your tire pressure up to a desirable range, inflate bicycle tires or blow up your pool inflatables. Rather than lugging around a heavy compressor, a cordless option is both lightweight and efficient.

Impact Wrench

The impact wrench is commonly regarded as a key tool for mechanic and automotive work, but it can also be used for construction needs as well. Rather than twisting, turning, and grunting with lag bolts, screws or nuts, the impact wrench quickly does the heavy work of tightening or loosening at the pull of the trigger. A cordless option delivers precision control and fastening anywhere you need to go.


Messing with cords to maneuver a vacuum around the shop, through the car or around the house is frustrating and leads to a loss in productivity. Our line of vacuum cleaners are some of the best cordless tools you can purchase. No more twisting or turning cords, backtracking to find a new outlet, or worrying about fraying the cord as you run over it. A battery-powered vacuum cleaner goes anywhere to attack any mess, whether it's a small hand-held vacuum for the car or an upright for larger spaces.

Best Cordless Tools for Lawn and Garden

Taking care of the yard can be an exhausting chore, and heavy equipment can make a tiring task even more difficult to manage. We have created a line of outdoor equipment that is completely battery-powered to make yardwork a breeze. Your cordless lawn and garden tool arsenal should definitely include the following options:


Hedge Trimmer

Whether you have small shrubbery or larger hedgerows, dragging around a corded trimmer is  both time-consuming and dangerous. The cord can not only get entangled in the branches, but can also be hard to keep an eye on while busy trimming bushes. A cordless hedge trimmer improves safety and increases efficiency as you move effortlessly around the yard.


Mowing the lawn becomes a breeze with a cordless mower, especially when you select one with a brushless motor. This motor offers longer runtime and should last for years. You can opt for a self-propelled machine, or continue to get your workout in with a traditional push mower. We carry mowers from 13” to 21” cutting widths. 

Leaf Blower

Rounding out the list of best cordless outdoor equipment is a leaf blower. For fall days when the leaves pile up along the driveway, you can waste a lot of time and energy dragging a power cord hundreds of feet across the yard. Not so with a cordless leaf blower. Besides working untethered, the blower features a variable speed trigger that allows you to set the flow of air and control the direction. Of course, you don’t have to wait until fall to use it. Blow dirt and debris off any outdoor surface—whenever and wherever. It also makes cleaning out gutters almost effortless.

Best Cordless Tools for Handyman Tasks

The average repair or DIY task around the house is made much easier when you have a range of cordless tools. Instead of muscling in screws or cutting wood with a hand saw, these battery-powered tools will help make your projects easier and faster, with less wrist and hand fatigue.



Along with automotive work, you can get a lot of use from having a cordless drill around the house. Make repairs, tighten loose screws or build new things for the home or shop. There are literally endless uses for a battery-powered drill.

Circular Saw

Forget making multiple trips to and from the garage or shop to cut boards for your project. A cordless circular saw is portable and efficient for making repairs or working on a DIY project. You’re no longer limited to how far your power cord can stretch, letting you take your saw to the building site, instead of having to haul your materials back to the saw. Circular saws are great for sawing wood, plastic, metal—even masonry.

Hammer Drill

Take the pressure off your muscles with a cordless hammer drill. These drills are commonly used for masonry and concrete drilling, but they are also excellent additions to your DIY arsenal for general construction projects. The powerful force behind the drill lies with a quality motor, and our Hammer Drill provides up to 24,000 BPM for maximum output.

Angle Grinder

Many automotive DIYers need an angle grinder for metalworking. As a handheld power tool, you can use it for deburring, grinding, polishing or finishing tasks. No need to worry about cord safety when you choose from our lineup of the best cordless tools collection.

Where to Find the Best Cordless Tools

Whatever you’re into—building, fixing, making or maintaining—we have the best cordless tools to fit your needs. With great prices and quality manufacturing, you can start your collection of battery-powered tools and get going on that to-do list around the house. Check out our full lineup here.

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