Get Inspired | February 12, 2021

3 DIY Home Gym Projects You Didn't Know You Needed

We’re dubbing 2021 as the year of YOU. Your projects + Our tools = Ultimate inspiration

Now that you’ve cleaned up, cleaned out, and organized your garage (or spare bedroom), it’s time to figure out how to use all your newfound space! One way to go? Build a home gym. If a healthier lifestyle is on your wish list for 2021, building your own gym is an easy way to get started. We worked with three of our HART ambassadors to create DIY home gym projects that are sure to get you motivated for your wellness journey.


We partnered with Leilany Velasquez of @wildly_capable_carpentry to create this pegboard organizer that has everything you need to whip your home gym into shape. Hang it in your space for easy access to all your gym accessories, from dry towels to hand weights, a yoga mat, and more. It even has room for your water bottle while you work out! The pegboard backing makes this organizer completely customizable so you can reorganize your equipment as often as you need.

Hang up the excuses and get organized with this DIY Pegboard Mirror. Download the plans below.


If you’ve ever dreamed of recreating the training montage from “Rocky,” this is the project for you. We teamed up with Ashton Forzley of @forzofnature to create this punching bag stand that can take the heat. Give yourself space to let out all your stress and tension—and don’t forget a speaker for your montage music!

Download the project plans for step-by-step instructions to build your own DIY Punching Bag Stand.


Sometimes, the first step to a healthier life is just a more organized life! This DIY fitness equipment shelf from our friend Benjamin Wright of @virginiahomeimprovements has enough space for all your workout gear and then some. Store your sneakers, free weights, kettlebells, bands, straps, blocks, and more with this versatile design. Don’t shelve your plans for a healthier lifestyle — build more shelves for your healthier lifestyle (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves ). 

Get started on your own DIY Fitness Equipment Shelf and download our step-by-step instructions below.
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