Get Inspired | July 16, 2021

HART Brushless Featuring Creator of Forzofnature

As part of our Brushless Series, we spoke to HART ambassador and the creator behind Forzofnature, Ashton Forzley, to get her thoughts on our new 20V Brushless tool line. This entrepreneur is a wife, mother, home décor & DIYer, business owner, freelance writer, author and explorer of the great outdoors. With so many passions, talent and creativity rolled into one, Ashton is truly a force to be reckoned with.

Daddy's Little DIYer

Ashton’s interest in tools started young. Being an only child to a carpenter/contractor dad, he was only too happy to pass along his knowledge to his young daughter. He had a barn full of tools and projects—and Ashton was eager to learn everything. At first, it was just banging a hammer, but as she grew older and more comfortable, it was power tools. She even helped him build a deck over a pond on their property. He even took her along to job sites. For Ashton, it was pure magic to watch concrete blocks turn into wooden frames to full-fledged homes.
“I used to ask him about EVERY single thing he was doing,” said Ashton. “I wanted to know how things worked, so he took me under his wing. Dad was super hands on, he taught me everything I know about tools and, lucky for me, he still teaches me to this very day.”

A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

Ashton’s mind and body never sit still. “I call myself a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Early on it was building, later fiction writing and then home décor. Even though I don’t mind getting sawdust in my hair, I’m still a girly-girl at heart. I enjoy making things look pretty.” 
Her passions also extend to traveling and exploring the great outdoors. Nature inspires everything she does, from the artwork on her walls to the colors she pulls into her house—all nature inspired.
But her greatest passion is her family: Her husband who officially made her a *forz* of nature and their toddler son. Both keep her grounded and centered.

Q & A with Ashton

We sat down with Ashton to find out more about her and to get her thoughts on our new Brushless tools.
Where do you find inspiration for your work? 
The Instagram DIY community is full of inspiring creators and makers. I get most of my inspiration from them. I’m always amazed how inventive people can be...the quirky ways they make something look like $1000 for $30. Nature is another other source of inspiration. My style is a little bit of vintage mixed with fun. I want my home to evoke calmness, I want it to be soothing, so I use smoky colors and lean towards classic clean lines. My followers often comment, “You’re so brave using color.” I just tell them, it’s only paint, you can do it too. If you don’t like it, just paint over it. 

The name of your blog is Forz of Nature, obviously a play on your name, but does it also hold another meaning for you?
While the play on my name is fun and unique to me, I really consider any powerful, imaginative woman to be a FORCE of nature. Thus, my blog was born.

What is your experience with brushless tools—and what’s your reaction to HART’s new lineup of Brushless tools?
I didn’t start investing in brushless tools until my husband and I bought this old house a year ago. The brushless upgrades are obvious, though, I love HART’s new lineup! They’re the perfect tools for me as a homeowner and DIYer.

Where do you find HART Brushless tools most helpful? What project types?
The biggest difference for me, honestly, is in the 20V drill. I moved here with a drill that had a brushed motor that did what I needed in apartments with drywall, but now I live in a ‘20s cottage where the walls are primarily plaster. My last drill would barely puncture the wall, and overheat really quickly, but the HART Brushless drill does the work to push past the plaster.
Describe your ideal project environment—what gets you motivated and encouraged to start creating? 
Personally, not a single person in the room. The radio tuned into some fun R&B and it’s just me and the project. Also, nothing gets me motivated quite like a clean workspace. As a kid, when my dad took me to his job sites, he’d ask to clean up the area first. (I was cheap labor—ha!) My reward was being able to use the tools. Currently, my workshop is in my shed. It has to be clean for me to be inspired to go there. So the one thing I do after each project is to clean up immediately. Clean workspace, clean tools...guess that always stuck with me.
If you had to recommend a few Brushless tools to a new user, what tools would you recommend? 
The 20V Drill/Driver Combo for sure. And if there’s one other tool I’d say every DIYer needs in the HART Brushless line-up, is the 20V circular saw. It does all the angles you want, eliminating the need for a table saw.

How do the Brushless tools compare to other tools you’ve used?
Less maintenance, longer run time and seemingly more power!
As a creator, what is your mantra or mindset each time you approach a project? 
I tell myself a lot: Don’t rush it. As someone who is naturally prone to wanting to speed through a project, I think it’s important to remember that something you build with your hands deserves the extra time dedicated to those details. That can make it look less like a DIY project and more like professional work. In other words, I do DIY, but I don’t want it to look DIY.

What’s one piece of advice you would give a less experienced tool-user when approaching a project?
Take your time, it’ll be worth it! Don’t be afraid to ask questions and don’t take yourself too seriously. Have fun with it and respect the tools. Guess that’s more than one piece of advice, but it’s my little recipe for success. 

We hope Ashton’s story inspires you to pick up a brushless tool and be your own creative force. You can follow her @forzofnature. #DoItWithHART

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