Get Inspired | May 29, 2020

DIY Hammock Stand...Because You Deserve to Relax

If you’re like us, you’ve been looking for an excuse to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. To spend an afternoon outside in a hammock with reading material and a cold drink is at the top of our list. Sounds great, right? But what do you do when you can’t find any good trees or if the trees are just too spread apart? One way to solve that is to set a couple of permanent posts in the ground. We’ve got the step-by-step instructions and list of materials and tools you need to make sure your hammock is stable and secure!


Start off by choosing a location to build your relaxation station. IMPORTANT: before you dig be sure to call your local utility company to have them check the area for underground wires or cables.


The hammock posts should be 15 feet apart in the ground. Use the tape measure to mark the two spots.


Dig the hole with a post-hole digger and shovel. An 8-foot post needs to be 5 feet above the ground with a minimum of 30 inches deep in hard soil to 36 inches deep in soft soil.
The width of the hole needs to be twice the width of the post. So if you’ve got a 6-inch wide pole, you’ll need a 12-inch wide hole. 
PRO-TIP: Hole diggers are known for causing painful blisters and calluses. Protect your hands with a pair of heavy-duty work gloves.


Use a level to ensure each post is square. Mix two 25-lb bags of QUIKRETE®* for each hole. Follow directions on the bag and allow the concrete two days to cure. Use this handy concrete calculator to determine how many bags you’ll need. We suggest purchasing slightly more concrete to avoid coming up short.


Pre-drill a 1/8"-3/16" pilot hole using a 3/8” twist bit. Start each hook by hand and then grip the eyelet with a screwdriver to finish it off. Stop when the eye makes contact with the post—do not over twist!

PRO-TIP: Rope hammocks will stretch with the first few uses, so we recommend positioning the hook and eyelet an inch or two above the manufacturer’s recommendation.

Looking for a new hammock? Walmart has a nice variety of rope, nylon and polyester hammocks to choose from.

All that's left is to hang your hammock and put it to the test—with your favorite book and cold beverage, of course! Creating your own new space to chill is easier when you #DoItWithHART.

*QUIKRETE® is a registered trademark of QUIKRETE INTERNATIONAL, INC.
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