Get Inspired | October 27, 2021

9 Easy Garage Storage Ideas

If you cringe whenever your garage overhead door opens because the neighbors might look in, it’s time to get organized. Garages are the overflow zones for many homes and clutter takes up extra space. Everyone needs garage storage ideas to make sure the job is done right. Start by setting aside time to get this project done. Pick a date, purchase the materials, and devise a storage system. Use these 9 tips to tackle the chaos and help you appreciate your garage again.



Plan how you want to organize your garage ahead of time. When you have a big project, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the scope. Taking time to sketch out a design is essential to get your garage project underway. Assess the things you already own and allow room for future purchases.  

Remove items from the garage before you begin. You can see the space with a fresh perspective and visualize the new setup. Start with one area or task in the garage and stick with it until completed. Stay focused, so you get the work done in the allotted time.


There are always items in a garage that are no longer useable, such as broken equipment, dried-up paint cans, old boxes, and rusted tools and implements. Consider donating items that you don’t need, but are still useful to other people. 

Garage storage ideas make storing items easier, but be prepared to get rid of things. Flow in the garage is as essential as inside the home. Freeing up space provides room to build shelves and add storage units that keep the area neat and clean.  

3. Bring On the Bins

Storage bins make garage jobs fun. There is satisfaction in assigning things a designated space.  What’s more, there are numerous bin types and styles to choose from. The trick with storage bins is to stack them by weight and size, and from bottom to top, in order to retrieve items safely. Bins are also great for storing things you don’t use regularly. Mark each bin to easily identify what’s stored inside. Be specific when labeling—storage choices that appear obvious today may not be after a few months.

Look to HART for a wide range of storage options to help you store things in all shapes and sizes. See our full lineup here. 


If you need the space, build around the perimeter of your garage. It’s fine to build all the way to the top, like shelves in a kitchen. This gives you a lot more room, so items aren’t left on the floor or in corners.

Make sure you have the right power tools for the build before starting. We have everything you need, from drills to saws. A few fundamental tools and a good level should ensure a proper install of shelving units and wall-mounted storage accessories.


Don’t forget to look up and get creative with your garage storage ideas. There’s a lot of storing capacity on your garage ceiling. Research do-it-yourself options for overhead storage placement. Always check to make sure you’re drilling into stable support beams. Put up seasonal sporting equipment or camping gear on ceiling racks. Ceiling hooks are also a great way to store bikes and kayaks.


Nothing says organization like color-coordinated holiday-storage containers. This will take your storage system to the next level. Seasonable-colored bins are easy to locate and don’t require labels. 

Holidays come around fast, so having your decorative goods handy is essential. You can choose bins in solid colors or clear containers with lids of various colors.


Don't be afraid to get clever with garage storage ideas. Tubes of different sizes are excellent for all kinds of things. PVC pipes cut and fastened together horizontally make the perfect nooks for gloves, hats, shoes and other small gear. Larger tubes can be used for yard tools and sporting equipment. Tube storage is a great space saver. It’s helpful to change up your storage styles, so you make the best use of all the space available.


Yard and garden tools left on the floor of the garage, or stacked in corners look unsightly and are hard to reach. If the floor is damp, the tools will also rust. With Garage Storage Rail Systems, you can hang items up and out of the way. Rails are smart garage storage ideas, because they’re sturdy, can handle a considerable amount of weight (up to 250 lbs. with our system) and make it simple to declutter your floorspace.

Garage ceiling racks are another way to move items upward and leave room for vehicles. Rack systems give considerable area for storage as they drop down from the ceiling and provide heavy-duty support for any number of objects.


Every home needs a workspace for home improvement projects and repairs. Here are reasons to add one into your garage-storage project: 

  • Have a place to use your power tools
  • Have an organized space to work on tasks
  • Keep the items you need in a designated area
  • Leave items in place and work on them at your convenience
  • Access reachable storage all around the workbench

An organized workspace can inspire you to get jobs done. You’re also more likely to keep the garage organized if you’re working in the area regularly.



We have the storage systems and accessories you need to implement all your garage storage ideas. Our power tool selection provides all of the choices you need for your DIY project, our storage options allow you to store almost anything inside your garage, and our Garage Storage Rail System helps you get things off the floor and organized efficiently.

Organizing your garage gives you functional storage while making your space look great.

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