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Get Inspired | February 21, 2022

6 Benefits of a Cordless Circular Saw

While many assume a wired circular saw to be more powerful than a cordless model, modern enhancements have brought the cordless circular saw up to par. It doesn’t just stop at power. Cordless circular saws feature several benefits that can improve your next DIY project. 

1. Portable Convenience With a Cordless Circular Saw

The obvious advantage of cordless saws is their portability. You can carry this saw anywhere it’s needed without depending on an on-site electrical supply. You can also work continuously, especially if you have spare batteries on hand. Plus, you never need to worry about a blackout halting your project. These saws are also lightweight, with some models weighing only 5 pounds.

2. Improved Safety

Compared to its corded counterpart, a cordless saw can be much safer. With the former models, you have to continually watch out for the cord, so that you don’t trip and fall. Overall, your work environment is also less cluttered with cordless tools, allowing you more freedom of movement and fewer accidents to occur. You also don’t have to worry about a potential power surge that can damage your saw or even cause injury. 

3. Quick, Easy Set Up

You can save a lot of time when you use a cordless circular saw, because you don’t have to find a power source or bother with cords and extensions. Simply pop in the battery, power up your saw and get ready to cut your materials right away. There is no need to trouble yourself with untangling wires or having to re-arrange your power tool setup to accommodate the length of extension cords. 

4. Affordable Accessories

Most cordless saws come equipped with extra tools and even spare batteries. These kits are usually competitively priced and come with bonus tools to use on site. 

5. Competitive Power

These circ saws feature powerful motors. Many of them are brushless, ensuring that they remain active for a long time. The battery life for cordless saws is impressive as well. For example, if your saw uses a 20V 4.0Ah Lithium-ion battery, you can expect your power tool to have a runtime anywhere between 4-8 hours. While you do have to replace batteries, you won’t have to do so very often. The average shelf-life is anywhere between 3-5 years. 

6. Enhanced Precision

Many cordless saws come equipped with extra components to guarantee more precise cuts. Other features include LED work lights to improve your vision in dimly-lit work areas. Some saws even come with vacuum attachments to blow sawdust away to keep your sightlines clear as well as make clean-up easier.

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