Get Inspired | February 24, 2021

3 Ways to Create the Pegboard of Your (Organizational) Dreams

We're all about tackling organization in 2021. After all, we're spending a lot of time at home these days. It's been 12 months of pretending to ignore the messes in those closets and corners; it might be time to get it together. And we've got the perfect project.

You've seen those perfect pegboards on Pinterest. They're beautiful, organized…and just *slightly* intimidating. But don't worry—that crisp, clean perfection is easier to achieve than you might think. Today, we're breaking down three ways you can make your pegboard work smarter, not harder, to give you that picture-perfect pegboard corner in your space.


When you're laying out your Pinterest-worthy pegboard, group tools by function or usage, then size. Lining items up from smallest to largest is immediately pleasing to the eye — and can help your pegboard feel streamlined and clean. 

When hanging your tools or arranging them on the pegboard, think about keeping the board in balance. Don't put all the large items on one side and all the small tools on the other — space them out in groups and alternate smallest to largest and largest to smallest, so the board feels evenly balanced.

BONUS TIP: Hang your bulkiest, heaviest tools along the bottom, so you don't have to worry about large equipment falling on anyone.


Before you hang anything, sketch out where you want your tools to go. By playing with your layout on paper first, you can perfect your layout without rearranging everything three and four times. Be sure to account for enough space between each group of tools that your board doesn't look overcrowded and so you have enough room to safely remove and replace each tool. 

PRO-TIP: Make sure you have enough space to walk past your pegboard comfortably, especially if it's in a high traffic area (like the garage) or if you're hanging heavy or sharp tools from the board. The last thing you want to do is bump into it and knock everything down.


Pinterest-worthy pegboards leave plenty of scope for the imagination. Consider using binder clips, dowel rods, PVC pipe, and other mountable containers for the ultimate customization. Maybe your pegboard will become the new upholstery station — just hang your staple gun, hang rolls of fabric on your dowel rods and mount a magazine rack for spare fabric. And voilá!

Or maybe you want to organize a craft corner for your junior DIYers. Dowel rods strung with colored duct tape, PVC pipes filled with colored pencils, and a shoe holder mounted with binder clips and stuffed with craft supplies might be just what you need.

No matter how you choose to style your pegboard, it's a great and versatile way to get organized this year. And once you've got all your tools artfully arranged, who knows what project you'll tackle next!

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