Buying Guides | August 19, 2020

Storm Survival Kit: 11 Essential Tools

While the paths of most hurricanes can be predicted, other storms can blow up out of nowhere and catch you off guard. In no time you can be out of power, out of food and out of luck. That’s why we put together this Storm Preparation Buying Guide to help you weather whatever comes your way.


Before we jump in, you should know that most HART 20V Power Tools come without a battery and charger. Once you own our 20V battery and charger, you’ll have everything you need to power any HART 20V tool. That’s why we recommend our 20V Starter Kit. It comes with (1) 20V 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery and a fast 2 AMP charger. And by fast, we mean it—this charger charges 3x faster* than other chargers. You’re welcome. 

For 4X longer runtime**, you’ll want to pick up HART’s 20V 4.0Ah battery, featuring an on-board fuel gauge that lets you know exactly how much charge you have. 

Of course, you need to keep your portable devices fully charged. With our Portable Power Source, you can power up anywhere. The (2) 2.1Ah USB charging ports charge phones, tablets and other devices. Or choose the Power Source/Inverter that uses either the 120V outlet or one of the 2 USB ports. It charges a phone up to 8x faster—from empty to full on the 4.0Ah Lithium-Ion battery.

*Than standard 0.5A charger

**Compared to a 1.5Ah HART Lithium-Ion Battery tested on a HART Hammer Drill


Losing power is the worst. Luckily, our LED Work Light puts out 1500 Lumens—bright enough to light up an attic, a basement or wherever else you need it. And with it, you get 36 hours of runtime! Its compact design also lets you work in tight spaces like crawl spaces or under the house. 

Or maybe you prefer the spotlight? This portable LED Spotlight delivers up to 600 yards of beam distance and 2500 lumens. Plus, it provides over 10 hours of runtime.

Keep up with the latest storm warnings and news with our cordless Bluetooth Radio. While you’re at it, power up your phone with the USB charging port.

To stay cool under pressure, nothing works harder than this 12" Hybrid Fan. With 6 hours of runtime, the fan’s tilting head allows for multi-directional airflow. Just point it the right direction and hit the start button. Boom! 

Need to stay cool all day long? Then we recommend HART’s 7.5” 2-Speed Cordless Fan. Small yet mighty, this compact fan provides 18 hours of runtime. See, looks can be deceiving.


Sometimes you get sufficient warning time to board up windows and fix damaged roof tile. Great, because our 2 PC. 1/2" Drill & Impact Driver Combo Kit takes care of all your drilling and drive needs. Powers up to 1600 RPM, it can drill through a variety of materials. Same goes for our impact driver, delivering up to 1700 in/lbs. of torque for demanding applications and materials. This combo kit includes (1) 1.5Ah lithium-ion battery and a charger. (insert pic)

If you get the combo kit, you’ll need a variety of driving and drill bits. HART’s 50 PC. Drill and Drive Set includes titanium drill bits that provide up to 4X faster drilling* for great performance. It also comes with a convenient storage case.

We hope this helps—to learn more, go to Weathering life’s storms are always easier when you #DoItWithHART.
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