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Buying Guides | February 6, 2021

It's Time To Cut The Cord Outdoors

It's 2021. Our phones are cordless; our vacuums are cordless; even our headphones are cordless! It's about time your lawn tools are cordless too. All of the benefits of electric lawn tools, without the tether.

And before you shake your head and say, "battery-powered won't power me," or ask us if you can really replace your gas-powered mower/blower/trimmer and more with battery-powered tools, let us make our case.


Our 40V system gives you all the power of gas-powered machines, without one key thing: the gas. Looking to do your part for the environment? These lean, mean, lawn-perfecting machines are as green as they get—no gas means no gas emissions. They're easy-to-start, with no pull-string to fight and no need to mix gas and oil. Try tools like our 40V Brushless Mower, 40V String Trimmer, and 40V Brushless Turbo Fan Blower Kit to take on any yard.


Who doesn't like a little simplicity in their life? Our 20V outdoor tools work with any 20V HART battery––the same battery that brings our power tools to life––giving you the ultimate versatility. And with our rechargeable 40V lithium-ion battery, which powers all of our 40V lawn tools interchangeably, you can enjoy fade-free power from the first cut to the last. It's time to pull the plug on your old lawn tools.



All the power, less of the heft. Our 20V and 40V lawn tools are lightweight and push-to-start for easier use — and they still fight unruly weeds, unkempt hedges, and more like champions. Plus, their small size makes them easier to store while still giving you plenty of power to clip, snip and trim your yard into shape. Best of all? Battery-powered means less noise, so you can sneak ahead for the lawn-of-the-year trophy without waking the neighbors. Take that, Mr. Jones!

No matter what goals you have for your yard this year, we've got the tools to help you get them done. See how much you can get done when you cut the cord — and #DoItWithHART.

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