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Buying Guides | November 5, 2020

Introducing: STACK Modular Storage System

Whether you are DIY-ing outside in your yard, in the living room, or at a friend’s place, going back and forth and back and forth to lug all your tools and supplies is a subtle form of torture.


Not to mention realizing you left that one tiny piece...somewhere…?


Meet the Portable DIY-Life

Avoid making multiple trips and scavenging for lost tools or parts with the STACK Modular Storage System.

3 Tool Storage Essentials

Customize and expand the storage system to your liking, so you can spend less time looking for your tools and more time DIY-ing wherever you want.

It comes with an organizer for those small items (that somehow always seem to disappear).
Versatile storage for the bulkier, more stubborn tools.
And a mobile cart with 7-inch wheels so you can roll it around with you anywhere.
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