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Holidays with HART: The 10 Best Gifts for any Outdoor Enthusiast

As you move down your holiday gift list, you may ask yourself, "what do you get for the person who loves experiences and would rather be out in the great outdoors?" Well, lucky for you, the best gifts come from the HART. For the friend that loves a campfire over the couch, or maybe the cousin who prefers to spend weekends at a tailgate instead of the living room, HART has 10 gifts they'll love to have with them, no matter life takes them.

HART for the Holidays Gift Guide for the Outdoor Enthusiast

1. 40V 10" Chainsaw Kit: The friend that loves to camp is also the friend often in need of firewood. Convenient (and powerful) enough to take on the task, they're going to love this gift.
2. 20V Heated Blanket: What do kids' sports games and camping have in common? They can be chilly depending on the month, but a 20V heated blanket can help.
3. 20V Heated Black Jacket: Have a friend or family member that would rather be outdoors than in? Giving them a 20V Heated Jacket will make it that much cozier during the colder months.
4. 20V Power Source/Inverter: No outlet? No problem. With a charged 20V battery and this power source, Outdoor enthusiasts can take their electronics with them.
5. 20V Dual Function Inflator: Road trip and camping-approved, anyone on your gift list that enjoys being in outdoors or on the open road will want to keep this cordless inflator with them. (Just don't forget a charged 20V battery!)
6. 20V 4" Clamp Fan: Get the outdoor enthusiast in your life a gift they'll never want to go without again. This cordless fan can clamp onto a tent, hammock, and so much more.
7. 20V Cordless LED Clamp Light: Camp smarter, not harder.Your favorite outdoor enthusiast will think of you (appreciatively) every time they're saved from being stranded in the dark and can instead clamp this light onto any structure or surrounding.
8. 20V Radio with Bluetooth® Wireless Technology: No matter the destination, outdoor enthusiasts can take the soundtrack for the road with them. HART's 20V Bluetooth radio and a charged 20V battery are all that's needed to power music, wherever you go.
9. 14" Forged Steel Hatchet: Know a camper that needs to upgrade their supplies? You can gift them the hatchet so they can easily make themselves firewood when they need it.
10. 20V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 2-Pack: HART's 20V batteries aren't just for inside the home. Give your loved ones (or yourself) more runtime to perfect their home's curb appeal.
HART Tools Guide to Find Best Gifts for Outdoor Enthusiasts

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that come from the HART. Use #DoItWithHART on social to show us all your DIY projects, your favorite tools and more!

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