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Holidays with HART: The 10 Best Gifts for any Gear Head

If you know a certified gear head, you know how much they love their cars, so they have to have the right tools around the garage. Want to get them quality tools they'll love, but don't know where to start? HART's here to chauffeur you through your holiday shopping.

HART for the Holidays Gift Guide for the Gear Head

1. 215 PC Mechanics Tool Set: Rust-resistant and self-organizing, you don't have to be a certified mechanic to ask Santa for this tool set. We'd consider this a certified crowd pleaser around the holidays. 
2. 20V 1/4" Cordless Impact Driver Kit: Any automotive fan knows an impact driver is a shop essential to take on bigger projects quicker, which means more time to get back to driving that car they love.
3. 20V 1/2" Brushless Impact Wrench: What do you get for the person who loves their car like it's a part of the family? This 20V Brushless Impact Wrench will keep it in top shape for many years to come.
4. 20V 3/8" Ratchet Kit: Is your loved one even a gear head if they don’t have a cordless ratchet kit of their own? Give them the gift of convenience and power to work on their beloved car anywhere, anytime. 
5. 20V BRUSHLESS Spot Cleaner Kit: You can't always anticipate a spill in the car, but you can keep it from staining after the fact. We think this may win "best gift" this year. 
6. 90 PC. Mechanics Tool Set: Durable and compact, and equipped with all the pieces for any application, this mechanics set is a car lover must-have tool.
7. 15 PC SAE Combo Wrench Set (MM available): No gear head's collection is complete without a solid go-to set of wrenches. Durable, and as easy to read as they are to store, this gift is sure to impress.
8. 20V 2 Gallon Compressor Kit: Did you know you can inflate a tire, from flat to full, in under 1 minute? Yeah, this tool's going to be someone's favorite gift this year.
9. Dipped Impact Gloves: Safety-approved with touchscreen compatibility? Every DIYer and gear head on your list needs this "must-have."   
10. 20V 2.0Ah Lithium-Ion Battery 2-Pack: That gear head you're shopping for loves to work on their car, so gifting them the extra 20V batteries to power the HART 20V tools to do so is going to bring them almost as much joy as their car does this holiday season.
HART Tools Guide to Find Best Gifts for Mechanics or Car Owners

This holiday season, give your loved ones gifts that come from the HART. Use #DoItWithHART on social to show us all your DIY projects, your favorite tools and more!

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