Buying Guides | October 6, 2020

9 Must-Haves for Your Yard This Fall

Is anyone else always shocked by the exorbitant volume of leaves that just seem to *appear* on your lawn overnight? 


There’s a lot of things we love about fall but raking leaves isn’t one of them. Every year we bust out our trusty metal rake and spend an entire Saturday raking to perfection. Only to wake up on Sunday morning like…

It doesn’t have to be so bad. Head to your local Walmart and treat yourself to one, or a few, of these affordable HART tools that’ll help ease the struggle of fall yard work.

1. Work Gloves

Yard work can be rough on your hands, so you’ll want to pick up a pair of work gloves that will protect your hands and keep them warm as the weather gets cooler. These leather palm gloves are less than $15, puncture-resistant, and touchscreen-friendly.

2. Heated Jacket - COMING SOON

Not necessary but HIGHLY recommended, especially as the weather gets cooler. This heated jacket uses a portable, rechargeable battery to power heating elements built into the jacket's lining. Yes, it’s basically a heated blanket disguised as a jacket.

Stay tuned–our new heated jackets will be available online and in stores at the end of this month (October 2020).

3. Safety Glasses

You may not think you need them, but trust us on this one. You can get a pair of safety glasses for less than $10, and your eyes will thank you when you’re stirring up fall debris with your blower or string trimmer.

4. Leaf Blower

A high-powered leaf blower will change your life for the better and make lawn work SO easy. Of course, it lifts and moves leaves, but is also great for small debris like twigs and grass clippings. You’ll wonder how and why you ever put yourself through the struggle of using a manual rake. 

5. Leaf Vacuum

Yes, you read that right. A leaf vacuum works on grass and pavement and sucks up all the leaves and twigs that litter your yard into a bag for easy composting or disposal. 
PRO-TIP: This is also a great time to trim rogue branches, clean out gutters, empty hoses, cut back perennials, plant fall bulbs, protect cold-sensitive plants and give your lawn one last mow. 

6. Fire Pit

Now that your backyard looks amazing spruce it up with this portable fire pit that’s super easy to put together. Unpack and assemble the fire pit (the only tool you’ll need is a set of hex keys). 

7. Chainsaw

Chainsaws can be intimidating, but this 14” battery-powered chainsaw is great to have on hand for cutting wood (for that new fire pit!) and managing or manicuring smaller trees or brush.

8. Hatchet

If a chainsaw isn’t your thing, this hatchet will suit all your wood splitting and chopping needs.

PRO-TIP: Before calling it a day, make sure to clean and dry out all your equipment to prevent rust and damage. You’ll be glad you did next spring.

9. Bluetooth Radio

You’ve worked hard (but not too hard) cleaning up your yard–you deserve to relax. Cozy up to the fire with a warm, boozy drink*, charcuterie board, and an autumnal Spotify playlist on your Bluetooth radio, and enjoy the evening.

*Don’t drink and operate power tools; our safety team would not approve.

We’re all about making life easier--you’ll be amazed at all you can accomplish when you #DoItWithHART.

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