Buying Guides | January 1, 2021

3 Reasons Why This Is The Only Jacket You'll Ever Need

Anyone else survive the winter with piles of layers, thermos after thermos of hot coffee, and padding your pockets with hand warmers and hoping that this time, they’ll stay warm?

Turns out, you don’t need all the accessories to enjoy the crisp winter weather. You just need a heated jacket. That’s right, we said, "heated." And we’re not just talking “fluffed in the dryer for extra heat”-heated. We’re talking “has its own heat source to keep you warm”-heated. “Battery-powered for over 8 hours of heat”-heated. “3 heating zones and 3 temperature settings”-heated.

Introducing HART Heated Jackets


Remember when you piled on layer after layer of shirts and long-johns, only to find yourself shivering after 30 minutes outside? Yeah, those days are over. With 3 heating zones — over your right and left chest and your back — and 3 heat settings, you can adjust the HART Heated Jacket to perfectly fit your temperature preference. Just choose your temperature setting and stay cozy no matter the forecast, with less heat for warmer days and more heat to keep you comfortable in even the coldest of weather.

Our Heated Jacket is made with black quilted material that’s wind and water-resistant to help you stay warm through snow, slush, sleet, and icy rain, with insulated layering and carbon fiber technology to maintain maximum heat coverage. And they’re machine washable for easy clean-up, no matter where your winter adventure takes you.
hart heated jacket with heating elements illuminated
hart heated jacket with heating elements illuminated


If you’re tired of shivering under layers of blankets that never seem to quite cut the chill, you’re not alone. But our HART Heated Jackets are powered by a 20V battery — the same one that powers over 75+ HART 20V tools — to keep you warm for over 8 hours. Just charge it up and drop it in the left-back pocket, then hit the power button inside the jacket to activate the heating settings.

And because we know staying warm isn’t always enough, our Heated Jackets are also equipped with a USB, so you can charge your phone and stay connected all day long. Keep your phone powered up to enjoy podcasts, your favorite playlist, and even stay in touch, all from the comfort of the great outdoors.


If you’re an outdoorsman, you know that RealTree means quality you can trust. With their craftsmanship and our inventive heating solutions, we’ve taken the HART Heated Jacket to another level. The HART Heated RealTree Xtra Jacket kit has all the same heating technology and smart features as our Heated Black Quilted Jacket, but we’ve added a warm hood, Velcro cuffs, and an adjustable drawstring around the waist for top-to-bottom insulation. And to really keep you cozy for long sessions outdoors, we included 6 pockets and an LED temperature setting inside your left-hand pocket, so you can control the heat all day long. 

No matter where your winter adventures take you this year — from the snowy slopes to the cheering section of your kids’ sporting events and everywhere in between — our new HART Heated Jacket Kits will keep you warm and snug as, well, a bug in a rug. Say goodbye to hand warmers that don’t work and hello to your new favorite jacket.

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