About Us

You deserve to get things done faster, easier, and better.

For many people DIY can be quite intimidating. We get it. That’s why HART is here to provide the tools and resources to build up your confidence and make life easier. Our tools are lightweight, compact and cordless, so you can work faster and more freely than ever before. Our 20V lineup of tools expands across Power Tools, Lawn & Garden, Automotive and Hand Tools to cover all your needs around the house. We even offer a 40V Lawn & Garden cordless platform to tackle those more demanding outdoor projects.

When you’re ready to get into your projects, we’ve got you covered. Our #DoItWithHART page is the ultimate resource for inspiration, how-to knowledge and gives you the ability to share your final product. Be connected and inspired with others around you. There really is so much you can do when you do it with HART.

Photo: Person in garage with many HART tools
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